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Tinos is one of the best-kept secrets of the Cyclades. With its many active villages, an intense, unchanged traditional character, its scenic landscape, fantastic beaches and easy access from Athens (via the ports of Piraeus and Rafina), Tinos has gained a reputation as a select destination for quality holidays away from the noisy crowds.

Tinos is one of the culturally richest islands of the Cyclades. Throughout the island there is a strong element of folklore, strengthened by its numerous museums, monuments and institutions. It is not a coincidence that Tinos is the birthplace of many important artists, such as Chalepas Giannoulis, Nikolaos Gizis, George Vitalis, Nikiforos Lytras, Lazaros Sohos, Demetrios Filippotis and the Fytali brothers.

On the island, Mount Tsiknias was believed to be the home of Aeolos, god of winds, which he unleashed in every direction.

The island also worshiped Poseidon, considered to be its protector god, as he sent a flock of storks to kill the innumerable snakes that had taken over the island. His wife Amphitrite was worshiped as protector of women's fertility. In their honour, they had built the temples of Poseidon and Amphitrite, ruins of which are in the archeological site of Kionia.

Dovecotes- the trademark of Tinos- are monuments of local art, built mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries; there are more than 600 dovecotes on the island.

What to do in Tinos?
The island offers many opportunities for walks, visits and exploration. You can visit traditional mainland villages such as Pyrgos, Bolax, Kalloni, Myrsini, Steni, Falatado, Kampos, Koumaro and so many others. For swimming, you can go to Pahia Ammos, Platis Gyalos, Aspros Gyalos, Platia Ammos, Ag. Fokas, Ag. Sostis, Ag. Ioannis or Santa Margarita. And of course, we also suggest a visit to the Church of the Virginity at the Chora.

Useful telephones
Piraeus Port Authority 14541, 210 4147800, 210 4226000-4, 210 4593140 and 210 4593150,
Rafina Port Authority 22940 22300, 22940 22487, 22940 28888 and 22940 22481
Tinos Port Authority 22830 22220 and 22830 22348
Athens ΚΤΕΛ for Rafina (out-of-city transportation) 210 8210872
Tinos municipality 22833 60100-5
Tinos police 22830 22100
Tourism police 22830 22265 and 22830 23670
Health Centre 22833 60000 και 22833 22210